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Ayurveda Wellness Counseling


Counseling with Jo

Jo's practice is dynamic and unique in that she offers clients multiple ways in which to explore their pain, their current habits or routines, and their lifestyle. Jo believe that the more we can understand our own true nature; what pulls us out of our own perfect health, and leads us to imbalance, dysfunction and suffering, the better chance we have of reversing and thriving. The best gift she can offer her clients is a sense of better knowing themselves and a toolkit to rely on when situations, experiences, illnesses, and/or accidents interfere with their lives.

Get the Support You Deserve!

Detailed Consultations

Uncover the Root Cause of Illness

Receive Expert Guidance

Personalized Wellness Plan

Virtual Sessions in Your Home

Ayurveda Wellness Counseling Includes

Individualized Approach

I offer an individualized approach to uncovering the root causes behind pain, inflammation, anxiety, digestive disorders, and more. Structurally, I meet with people live in person or via Google Meet or Zoom. An intake form is completed prior to our consultation in which I will ask about life and health history, medication and supplement lists, goals, and intentions. The initial consultation lasts 75 minutes and is followed up within 48 hours with written recommendations (so the client can be fully present and not have to keep notes).

Virtual Appointments

Work with me virtually from the comfort of your own home, detailing your life and health history, medication and supplement lists, goals, and intentions. The initial consultation lasts 75 minutes and is followed up within 48 hours with written recommendations. This allows you to stay fully present and not have to keep notes.


12 Months

Most people benefit from at least a year of follow-up appointments, initially spaced by 2 - 4 weeks, and then expanding as appropriate. Some people receive their initial consultation and recommendations, follow the protocol we create together, and are on their way to wellness. These people typically already have a strong wellness plan in place and want reassurance or supplementation to improve their results. 


Rebel Wellness Club

I will be launching the Rebel Wellness Club in June 2023. This 12-month membership-based wellness club offers weekly content, live meetups, monthly special events, and annual retreats. Meal preparation and cooking classes, meditation meetups, and inspirational wisdom and support are the fabric of the club. This will be available to a global audience using Zoom video for the weekly and monthly meetups and break-out groups and sessions.

Herbal Guidance

I offer guidance and information about herbal medicines (tinctures, teas, capsules, oils, etc), including plant medicines and mushrooms in their various forms. I love to share what I know, and when asked, offer additional resources for clients to begin to build a working knowledge of supportive routines (ie breathing practices, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, mantra, self-massage, journaling, nature walks, and more). True healing is multi-layered, and often requires more than a magic pill or potion; however, I have also found that sometimes finding the right "pill or potion", such as in cannabis and other plant medicines, once the pain is abated, there is space and ability to practice more self-care.

Wellness Connector

I also consider myself a bit of a wellness connector; I truly believe that multiple modalities of healing are incredibly important for the best long-term outcomes. Often I will recommend (and help to locate) practitioners in other areas of expertise such as acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, sound therapy, cranial sacral, chiropractic, allopathic, and more. I want people to thrive in their lives, and to explore multiple avenues to healing. The body wants to heal; sometimes it just needs a little help.

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