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Dosha Wisdom


VATA consists of AIR and ETHER. VATA is the primary dosha, which is responsible for movement and communication, and regulates all activity within the body and mind. When balanced, the VATA Dosha promotes a healthy nervous system, lightness, creativity, happiness and joy.


PITTA consists of FIRE and WATER. PITTA governs all biochemical changes that take place in our body. The food we eat, the thoughts we think and the emotions we emit are all digested and assimilated through the PITTA Dosha. When in balance, we are focused and determined, we have the intelligence to learn and retain information, we have the physical and mental stamina to accomplish our goals.


KAPHA consists of EARTH and WATER. Known as the “glue” that holds the cellular structure together, KAPHA is primarily responsible for the strength of our immune system, strength and vitality. When balanced, KAPHA encourages love, warmth, comfort and stability within our bodies, hearts and homes.

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