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Manifest Your Destiny

Blink you eyes. It is said that our brain has 1,000 thoughts in the time it takes to wink once. Wink again, another 1,000. Wink again….you get the picture. However, we only have the capacity to hold on to one of those thousand thoughts at any one specific pinpoint in time. The rest of the potential thoughts are stored in the seemingly endless abyss of our sub-conscious mind.

Whichever thought we find ourselves attaching to at any specific moment in time is attached to a feeling. That feeling could likely be summed up as yum or yuck, pleasure or pain, good or bad. Once we surmise what feeling we feel when we attach to a thought, an emotion, if we so choose, can attach to that feeling. Let’s say we have the thought of an event from the past; this event was one that could be categorized as a yucky, painful or bad memory.

We feel the pain in our physical body, and then we emote, or tie an emotion to that feeling, such as sadness or anger or regret. That emotion can then manifest itself into a desire based on the the original negative thought that we chose to follow down this path towards action. Throughout this process we have escape routes; ie, we can choose at each intersection whether to move forward with the thought, feeling, emotion and desire, or to cut it off at the pass, so to speak, and dump it into the sub-conscious realm.

Choices are a constant dynamic motion in our lives, and every single choice we make contributes to the life we live. As we consciously choose our thoughts, or at least choose which thoughts to activate with the energy of feeling, emotion, desire, and action, we create the film reel and soundtrack for our lives. We literally sculpt and polish our own unique life story.

What happens to all of the unfollowed thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires that dumped into our sub-conscious? It clouds and clutters and dulls our acuity and our ability to discern what we allow to penetrate our awareness. Our five senses are the doorways to our mind; it is our duty to clear and purify and care for our senses. The information that they offer our minds is the nectar of our creativity, our authenticity and our destiny.

Yoga and Ayurveda (the medical science and foundation of yoga) offer tools to cleanse our senses, clear our minds, and still our thoughts. We have complete creative license with how we choose to think, and ultimately live, today and every day. We can choose to operate with honesty, integrity and compassion to our own selves, as we create and color our thoughts with words, emotions and judgements. Including individualized and appropriate routines, herbs and oils to our lives adds an even deeper and more nourishing foundation to our life experience.

Want to learn more? Stay tuned for online classes, workshops, webinars and retreats. Canna-Veda is growing this year and the manifestation of my many years of intentions and desires is finally coming to fruition. Let’s continue to create community by sharing knowledge (and Canna-Veda!), wisdom and, most importantly, LOVE.

Namaste…the Light in Me Sees, Acknowledges and Honors the Light in You,


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