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New Beginnings

Winter Solstice brings the longest night, and the shortest day, as we here in the Northern Hemisphere tilt away from the sun, deepening our connection with the dark, the internal, the inner sanctuary of ourselves. This solstice also brings with it a full moon and a meteor shower, for those of us lucky enough to witness clear skies. Here in the Pacific NW, it is dark by 4:00 and the fog is so thick there is little sight of our beautiful moon, but the energy of her is felt deeply.

I love this time of year, not because of the holidays, the shopping, or the music, but because it symbolizes a shift and a change. It creates an opportunity to step down, be still and silent, and prepare for the expanse in light and new experiences. A new year is upon us, and with this shift in lightness from dark, and 2018 to 2019, we are gifted another chance to create the life that is truly desired and available in vivid color.

There is an old Turkish proverb that states, “No matter how long you have traveled down the wrong road, turn back.” Sometimes we need a specific tradition, or date, or traumatic event, to snap us awake, to awaken us to take ownership of our choices, and to redirect ourselves onto the right path to thrive and flourish on our life’s journey.

We know when we know, that things need to change. Sometimes we get so caught up in our version of our story, we spin it, we dramatize it, we martyr ourselves through it at times. Yet deep down, if we listen, we can feel when something in our lives isn’t serving our highest good. We know.

So gift yourself the time for stillness, silence and space. Give your soul some serious attentive time searching and listening for the answer that is waiting to be heard. I invite you to ask, listen, and act to create the story that makes you feel joy, experience true health, and brings a laugh to your life each and every day.

Happy Solstice,

May you find peace, joy and love within your hearts,


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